1 Year free product updates

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Dear Users,

We are preparing to release Version 5.0.0 of the Pdf Components and the current versions will not be maintained anymore.

With this release we’ll change our product update policy:

  • every user will have free access to product updates within 1 Year since the purchase of a license.
  • after 1 Year you’ll have to purchase the product again in order to get latest updates.
  • currently we do not offer a “special upgrade” price.


Kind regards.

Documentation site for Fpdf and Tcpdf addons

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Hello everybody,

The Documentation site for Fpdf Addons and Tcpdf Addons was launced.

It contains the User Manual and Examples with Source Code for the Pdf Addons.


Please visit: http://tracker.interpid.eu/projects/fpdf-addons/wiki

Fpdf/Tcpdf addons feedback

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Dear Users,


It’s been a while since the new website and the new fpdf addons are available for download(see post). Recently the tcpdf addons were released as well.

In order to offer you the best support, improve the products and website, let us know what you think! Please post here your feedback and suggestions you would like to send us regarding the products, support, website etc… I really appreciate and value you taking time to comment on any aspect of the services that are provided here.

In case you have an issue with one of the products please contact us in order to solve it as soon as possible


Thank you in advance, Andrei Bintintan

Interpid website re-launched

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I’m pleased to announce the re-launch of the www.interpid.eu website! The first stage of redesign has finally been completed and the new site is up and running.
Many changes and improvements were made in order to make the information more accessible for the users.

Your input will be appreciated, so you’re welcomed to leave a feedback.

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